Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cleanse: Day 9

You might be getting sick of hearing about how great I feel, but too bad! I am riding high on my increased energy and mental clarity. Greg and I had a discussion about how we were going to eat post-cleanse. Two days after we're done is the Fourth of July, and that could be pretty dangerous. If we overindulge we will feel horrible, and undo all the work that we have done. We'll have to watch ourselves (and each other) to make sure we're good.

As expected, I am sore today after my yoga session last night, but not too bad. I am definitely going to start going at least once a week. I had an acupuncture session again tonight, and will try to go once a week while I am the cleanse. I love acupuncture, you fall into that weird kind of sleep that you don't experience any other time. I am hoping to get a massage toward the end of my cleanse (if I can find an affordable one, they are so spendy!) and I also want to visit the Salt Grotto. I still need to get a steam in too! Maybe next week.

Now for the food part! Tonight I made a stir fry of a parsnip, shitake mushrooms, baby bok choy, and brown rice (the rice looks red because we cooked it in water that we used to boil beets and then added tumeric.) It turned out super yummy, and Greg, who usually hates parsnips, even approved:

Greg insisted that I include our Buddha in a shot.

I also added India Black Mineral Salt, which smells and tastes like eggs. Weird sounding I know, but I added just a little and it gave it egg flavor, which I like. We picked it up at The Spice and Tea Exchange, a mecca of salts and spices. I think we spent an hour in there smelling everything until we came out with our three favorite blends, which were the India Black, Vik's Garlic Fix! and Korean BBQ Rub (to use after the cleanse.)

Now I am going to pamper myself a bit and give myself an at home facial. So relaxing! Too bad I can't have a glass of wine while I am doing it, oh well, I'll settle for tea instead.


  1. Are you feeling more tired at all? Last time I did a cleanse I felt wonderful, but was sooooo sleepy.
    I love the half sleep state in acupuncture. My lady calls it "accu-land". I know a great massage guy that has a sliding scale over off of Division. He's fixed me up when I was bad since college days.

    1. I actually don't feel more tired, I have more energy than ever before! I think it's all the supplements that come with cleanse. Greg has less energy than I do. He is just following the food part and not taking the supplements.

      Send the name of your massage guy please!