Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cleanse: Day 3

Today was a doozy. Due to a deadline I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and I am completely drained! I know that I should not have done that, getting plenty of rest is essential while on a cleanse. Luckily I can sleep in tomorrow, and I will make sure I sleep normally for the rest of the cleanse.

Every time I don't get enough sleep I feel hungry all the time, and today was no different. I stuck with what I am supposed to eat, just more of it, and four protein shakes instead of three. Greg made jook (an Asian soup, ours consisted of vegetables slow cooked in water overnight with brown rice) and I had that this morning with my usual smoothie. For lunch I had a spinach/cucumber salad and then at dinner we pigged out, or a cleanse version anyway: beets, celery with guacamole, and asparagus fries. The asparagus fries were amazing and super easy, just drizzle on olive oil, broil until it's crispy, and sprinkle with salt (Greg also sprinkled on powdered garlic and onion, which made them even tastier.) I topped off my evening with a trip to Working Class Acupuncture, I told them I was doing a cleanse and wanted to use acupuncture to aid the removal of toxins. I am not sure if it did anything, but anytime I have gone there for other ailments I always see results, so we'll see.

Looking forward to getting some much needed sleep, and being fresh for tomorrow!

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