Monday, June 25, 2012

Cleanse: Day 13

Today was a better day than the past two. My dizzies went away and I was able to get some stuff done, including a trip to the gym. This weekend I have been a little lazy with the food. I just want something that is quick to fix so I can eat it! I have discovered salad and broiled fish is one of the quickest meals ever, and super satisfying. That will probably be my go to for the rest of the cleanse, and after it too.

I went to a naked lady party tonight, and man it's getting harder to resist the goodies that come along with social functions. This coming up weekend is the mother load, I have two things to go to on Friday and four on Saturday. Will these temptations ever end?!?

Somethings to look forward to: I have an acupuncture appointment on Wednesday and a massage on Thursday. I still need to get a steam in, hopefully I will do that this week. Only a little more than a week to go!!!

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