Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cleanse: Day 16

I am so happy to say that today was a great day!!! I finally got my energy back and I feel like myself again. Now that I am in the last few days of the cleanse I am really going to do everything I can to make sure I detox as much as possible. Today I worked out and then sat in the steam room for 20 minutes. I loved it except for whatever scent they were pumping in with the steam. I had another acupuncture session tonight, which was great. I am getting a massage tomorrow and I am really looking forward to that. The last time I got one was around my last birthday, it's been too long. We are also resigned to juice everyday until the cleanse is over. Hopefully we will be able to stick with that, especially this weekend with all the crazy stuff going on.

Food-wise it's still the same with slight variations, and I don't waste anytime eating it once it's ready. Greg and I were talking over dinner about how we were going to add food back in once the cleanse is over, and how it has to be a slow process. We also talked about breakfast, and how on this cleanse we aren't able to eat any traditional breakfast food. We usually have something Asian derived, like jook or stir-fry or lentils with chard. It's actually pretty good, and I don't really miss breakfast food. I do miss millet toast with peanut butter though. That is something I will be adding back in right away.

Only 5 more days left!!! So close to the end!!!!

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  1. Great!! You are an inspiration.