Monday, June 25, 2012

Cleanse: Day 14

I am beginning to get to the point where I can't remember what day I am on! It's officially the last week of the cleanse. I am not as gung-ho about it as I was in the beginning, and I am so exhausted at the end of the day! I still have that mental clarity going though, and when I wake up in the morning I have more energy than I did before the cleanse. We did not do anything very imaginative with food today. Greg said my go-to food is sweet potato and his is avocado, and we inhale kale chips like they are going out of style, which kind of sucks because to make sure they come out right you kind of need to babysit them, so they are a pain to make. Oh well, these complaints are really nothing when it comes down to the big picture. Still feeling good for the most part, and think about how good I will feel after! Not just physically, but emotionally, that I have the will power to stick with this and not cheat. I have not cheated once!!! Just 7 more days to go...

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