Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cleanse: Day 7

This is going to be another quick one because I have to go to bed soon (rest is super important while on a cleanse!) Our menu for the day wasn't terribly exciting. Two salads, asparagus fries (I will never get sick of these) and leftover lentil chili. Tomorrow I will be trying a new recipe I found, and I am super excited because I think it's going to be pretty awesome!

This is the end of Day 7, that means I made it through the first week! Yay! Honestly I thought I would experience more negative side effects, and the side effects I have experienced are pretty mild. Today was the first day since starting the cleanse that I did my full gym routine, and I felt awesome afterward. Before today I had been taking it easy, but still making sure to do something everyday, like taking walks and doing sun salutations in the morning. My gym experience today gave me the motivation to hit it hard this week and next week, gotta sweat those toxins out! I also want to try out the steam room. I have been hesitant to do this because I hate showering at the gym, but I think getting a really good sweat going will be beneficial, so I just have to suck it up and do it.

One revelation I (or we I should say) have had while on this cleanse is that it really makes you re-evaluate your relationship with food. So often we eat because of mood or taste, not enough for sustenance and nutrition. This diet is all about eating nutritious food, and luckily most of it is tasty! While preparing every meal, I often think that this is what it was like back in "olden times." No running to the store to grab a box of something and throwing it in the microwave. Everything had to be planned, prepared, and cooked, not to mention cleaning up afterward. It is so time consuming! The benefit is feeling healthier though, so I will trade in some of my time for feeling great.

Greg asked me if we were going to stick to this diet (more or less) after the cleanse is over. I was in a sarcastic mood so I quipped back, "No, we're going on the Mad Men diet and we'll start drinking and smoking all the time." Can you imagine? I would probably have a heart attack the first day into it.

This post was longer than I thought it would be. Definitely time for bed. One more thing though, Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!!!!!

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