Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cleanse: Day 8

Well, this morning I walked into the living room and saw this:

That was a good way to start the day, they're little buddies!!!

Today was another great day, although I was a bit moody, but I am blaming that on PMS, which is not as bad as it usually is this time around. I am interested to see how this cleanse impacts my menstrual cycle, which is usually horrible and will sometimes relegate me to my bed for two days. (Sorry if that is TMI, especially if there are boys reading. I will be touching on this subject further if necessary so you'll just have to deal with it!)

I participated in my first yoga class in months tonight, and man am I out of practice! I was going religiously every week, and then I messed up my shoulder so I stopped going so it could heal. My shoulder held up fine, but I am not as flexible or as strong as I used to be, and a couple of times I got light headed and had to retreat into child's pose. We'll see how my muscles feel tomorrow...

For dinner tonight we tried a new recipe I found here, except I amended and subtracted from it so it would be in accordance with our diet. Sweet potato, lentils instead of beans, ground flax seed instead of Panko, and spices. Everything else I subtracted, and here is how it turned out:

Because there was no flour it did not bind as well, so it fell apart a little as I was eating it, but it was still tasty! We realized after we ate that we forgot the avocado, but that's just as well as it probably would have created an even bigger mess. We had a little side salad of cucumber, carrot, and radish in apple cider vinegar and spices, and the pickle is from the Whole Foods olive bar.

Greg said we are kind of hitting a wall with our food choices, which I agree with. We just have to keep being creative and look up recipes, which Pinterest has been super helpful with. In two days we will be able to add chicken and seafood into the mix, and it can't come soon enough!!!

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  1. I guess that's what the 20th century is all about: You're girlfriend is moody all day and you get to find out why on her blog.
    Good job on discovering the "burger" recipe. Can't wait to see what you have in store for me to make tomorrow. The Eggplant Calamari is your gold standard. That's going into regular rotation after the cleanse!!!