Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cleanse: Day 5

This one is short and early because I have a long night tonight, and it will be the first night that I will be out socially since I have started the cleanse. First I am attending my friend Julie's housewarming party, then I am DJing and the Gold Dust Meridian from 10-2 (prime viewing location for tonight's World Naked Bike Ride!) This will really be a test of my willpower, being around food I can't eat and booze I can't drink. I am optimistic though, might be a little hard but I know I can do it.

I felt great all day today. Spent another couple of hours doing yard work and then our friend Mary came over for a little bit. My face is still broken out a little, but my dreams were somewhat normal last night. I did not get as much sleep as I would have liked because when Greg got home at 2:30AM he decided to talk my ear off for an hour, then of course it took me another hour and a half to fall back asleep again. He will now be sleeping in the guest room after DJ gigs when I stay home. I need my beauty sleep!!!!

Going to go to Pride tomorrow so that should be interesting, stay tuned for a lengthier and more in depth post tomorrow, hopefully with pictures from Pride!

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