Thursday, February 24, 2011

Palm Springs Vision Quest

And I'm back. For various reasons I decided to take a break from posting, but now I'm back and will do my best to post at least a few times a week. First things first, the pictures from my Palm Springs Vision Quest trip from January. This trip was so amazing. The Ace Hotel was awesome and we spent much of our time by the pool. We also went to Joshua Tree and The Integratron, and we were visited by a Shaman, who took us on a journey in our imaginations to find our spirit animal (mine was a parrot, which represents trying to find my voice in life.) Here are some of my favorite shots:

My tarot reading given to me by Alana.
Sunset at the Ace Hotel

Arriving at Joshua Tree

Embracing my inner gypsy.

Annick paying homage to the cheeseballs.

Birthday girl Alana.

And here are some shots some of the other girls took:

I'm on the right.
The Integratron!

Me, Suzy, Alana.

Group shot!!!

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