Monday, October 8, 2012

Remembering Fashion Week: Part 2

FASHIONxt is almost here! I am in the throes of planning and dealing with last minute details. Best to be as prepared as possible, so that when things inevitably don't go as planned the day of the show it's easier to deal!

The third day of PFW 2011 was awesome and featured designs from Seth Aaron, Ms. Wood, Stephanie D. Couture, Collier, and Amai Unmei. Here are the best backstage photos from the night by Steve Kemper, plus some really fun ones from the after-party.

Model Mandi Kremer
Models Michael Waller, Malene Jensen, and Ron Clemens

Model Kristi Sakura

Seth Aaron's Rack

Models Tiffany Luckcuck and Malene Jensen in looks by Amai Unmei.

Tina Henderson and Seth with a model in a Seth Aaron look.

Models in looks by Collier with the designer Brent Collier and his father.

Joe Nozemack, Gregarious Cline, and me at the after-party.

Tina, Seth, Jay Sario, and Becky Ross
Jay and Malene

Me with models Mandi and David Anderson. Not quite sure what's happening, this part of the night is a little fuzzy.

Irina, Crispin Argento, and Malene

Me, Seth, and Mandi, with my assistant Anna Branch in the background!

Exectuive Producer Tito Chowdhury with Ronnie Roy and Nate Derstine

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