Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Remembering Fashion Week: Part 3

Tomorrow is the official start of FASHIONxt, and the shows taking place in the next few days will surely be some of the best Portland has ever seen, both in design and production value. Trust me, you don't want to miss these shows!!! Later today I will be going to the venue to set up the backstage area and do a dry tech run, so that tomorrow we can get off to a running start.

The final post in the Remembering Fashion Week Series features Day 4 of PFW 2011, which saw Michael Costello, Jay Sario, Bryce Black, Helen Sharp, and Cardi Wrap on the runway. Here are my favorite backstage shots by Steve Kemper. Hope to see you at the shows this year!

Model Megan Keller with a PFW volunteer

Jay Sario

Models Sierra Quitiquit and Irina Dmitrieva in looks by Michael Costello

Patience Haug in a look by Michael Costello with the designer.

Me and Michael Costello

Me and Jay Sario

Michael Costello's Rack

Bryce Black, me, and his model (not in his look yet.)

Models Nicole Shrock and Kristin Coffman

Monday, October 8, 2012

Remembering Fashion Week: Part 2

FASHIONxt is almost here! I am in the throes of planning and dealing with last minute details. Best to be as prepared as possible, so that when things inevitably don't go as planned the day of the show it's easier to deal!

The third day of PFW 2011 was awesome and featured designs from Seth Aaron, Ms. Wood, Stephanie D. Couture, Collier, and Amai Unmei. Here are the best backstage photos from the night by Steve Kemper, plus some really fun ones from the after-party.

Model Mandi Kremer
Models Michael Waller, Malene Jensen, and Ron Clemens

Model Kristi Sakura

Seth Aaron's Rack

Models Tiffany Luckcuck and Malene Jensen in looks by Amai Unmei.

Tina Henderson and Seth with a model in a Seth Aaron look.

Models in looks by Collier with the designer Brent Collier and his father.

Joe Nozemack, Gregarious Cline, and me at the after-party.

Tina, Seth, Jay Sario, and Becky Ross
Jay and Malene

Me with models Mandi and David Anderson. Not quite sure what's happening, this part of the night is a little fuzzy.

Irina, Crispin Argento, and Malene

Me, Seth, and Mandi, with my assistant Anna Branch in the background!

Exectuive Producer Tito Chowdhury with Ronnie Roy and Nate Derstine

Friday, October 5, 2012

Remembering Fashion Week: Part 1

I can't freaking believe fashion week has arrived in Portland again, it seems like it just happened! Usually it is so cold and rainy when fashion week comes around, and the fact that there has not been any rain in weeks makes the timing feel weird, but ready or not, here it comes.

The organization has gone through some changes, the most prominent change of all being the name itself, which is now FASHIONxt. The runway shows will still pretty much be the same as in years past, but the plaza will have awesome high-tech lifestyle products.

My home at any fashion show is still backstage, that is my favorite place to be and I would not want to be anywhere else. Sure you probably saw all the runway photos last year, but most of the backstage photos have been hidden away on my laptop, until now. Here are my favorite backstage shots by Steve Kemper from PFW 2011 Day 2, which featured designs from adidas, Anna Cohen, Lenzanita, Ethos Paris, Avni, and Earthtec.

Make-up artist Abibat Durosimi with model Laura Kiechle.
Models Cupid Alexander, Tyson Nead, and Ron Clemens.
Model Megan Keller in a look by Lenzanita.
Abibat and Cupid.
Designer Anna Cohen (far left) with Kayla Rekofke (middle) and Erika Christensen (far right.)
Lead hair stylist Kira Pinski (middle standing) with hair team and model Sierra Quitiquit.

Model Nicole Schrock in a look by Earthtec.
Models getting ready for the show to begin.

Almost Showtime!
Model Valentino Lucas starts the show in a look by adidas.

Models getting ready during the Lenzanita segment.

Models Samantha Bondurant and Kristina Plummer in looks by Ethos Paris.

Models Mandi Kremer, Irina Dmitrieva, and Patience Haug in looks by Ethos Paris.
Model Kristina Plummer in a look by Avni with the designer.

Models Irina Dmitrieva and Sierra Quitiquit in looks by Anna Cohen.

Model Tiffany Luckcuck in the last look of the show, a collaborative design by Anna Cohen, Imperial Yarn, and Earthtec.