Friday, February 24, 2012

Fade to Light Designer: Studio SKB

The first featured designer from Fade to Light is Studio SKB:

Studio SKB focuses on sustainable fashion with a vintage touch: The dress that takes you from work to dinner and can be worn many ways. The jacket that helps you face the weather with style, year after year. The garment with fit, feel and flexibility – with the bonus of sustainable fibers.

Founded by Sharon Blair, Studio SKB started more than 2 decades ago as a custom clothing business and has since expanded to include apparel eduction in the form of Portland Sewing and a launching point for up and coming Portland designers.

One of these designers is Bryce Black, who was featured on Season 9 of Project Runway and designed the Studio SKB Fall 2011 collection Grey Gardens. 

Sharon will be showing her Avenir Belle Fall 2012 Collection and Bryce will be showing his Avenir Fou Fall 2012 Collection, and from what I gather from the translations and the imagery they have sent me their segment will be an interesting juxtaposition on what they perceive the future to be.

A look from the Fall 2011 Collection

A look from the Spring 2012 Collection

A look from the Spring 2012 Collection
 Photos Courtesy Studio SKB

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