Thursday, March 10, 2011

Within You Without You

Remember this from the 2008 Fashion Rocks supplement that came with Vogue? I loved it back then (I ripped out the physical pages and kept them) and I still love it now. Love the wardrobe, styling, setting, Sasha, Dhani  (who looks exactly like his late father) and just everything about this!!!!!

Via Fashion Gone Rogue

Also as of ten minutes ago I have officially completed my third decade of life on this planet!!!!


  1. Are you 30 y/o also? I also turned 30!=) I tried to contatc you by email, but it was impossible..I would like to volunteer to work with you if you need one...this is a very nice post,I love the designs -the overdose! this is the way I would love to dress. my husband gave me a beaded boots similar to that on my birthday=)

  2. I copy pasted your email but it says delivery notification: failed.=(