Monday, July 19, 2010

MJ Hoodie

After spending last week in Vegas and the weekend working, I felt like today should be spent catching up on e-mails and blogs as well as putting the house back in order. The outfit I chose for this? Yoga pants, slippers, and a Michael Jackson hoodie I found in Vegas. What is a MJ hoodie you might ask? Well, it's red with black studded shoulder patches with chains coming down onto the shoulder. My friend Alana (who also bought one) and I stumbled upon a store while shopping at Planet Hollywood (I think it was some sort of Rave incarnation) and found this gem, along with a bunch more awful things. It's like the designers have a running bet with each other to see who can design the ugliest, most hideous thing that people will actually buy and wear. I wish I would have taken pictures in the store. It seemed like most everything in Vegas was covered in sequins, rhinestones, or glitter, which made shopping kind of difficult. All in all a great trip though. Here is the MJ Hoodie in all of it's glory:

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